Leadership Development & Mentoring
Matt Bisel
David Andersen

What is the ultimate expression of Discipleship? Is it perfect worship attendance? Is it serving in the food pantry or going on a global mission trip? Is it joining a small group or teaching a Sunday School class? Is it tithing, sharing your faith with a co-worker or even volunteering in the nursery? These are all expressions of the essential practices of our faith. But, what does it look like to be a disciple who disciples others in these practices, to be a faith mentor or leader? Studies show that an increasing number of Christians do not recognize this as an essential expression of their faith. Even more struggle to initiate relationships and make this kind of connection with others. Still more feel ill equipped, lacking the tools to be a disciple who disciples others through leadership and mentoring. To compound this, emerging generations are expressing a desire to learn from leaders and grow in their faith and leadership through mentoring relationships. Resurrection’s Adult Discipleship ministry is responding to this. We even restructured our staff to better equip disciples to lead and make connections in mentoring relationships. We are excited to share with you what this can look like, no matter your ministry setting.

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