7 Ways to Increase Engagement in BOTH/AND (Hybrid) Worship
Jason Moore

While there were plenty of early adopters of hybrid ministry before the pandemic, the vast majority of churches went online when COVID arrived. Moving into our third year of this new hybrid reality, it is imperative that we not set aside hybrid ministry, but up our game to reach more people by doubling down on creating deeper engagement with our worship both online and in-person. You’ll find it is entirely possible – and completely necessary – to move those not physically gathered from being spectators to participants. In this session, hybrid ministry specialist Jason Moore will cover seven ways to increase engagement for online participants, moving them from watchers of worship to worshipers online. Regardless of your church size, budget and tech savviness, there will be something here for every church. Now is the time to level up your BOTH/AND experience - and it’s a lot easier than you think!

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