FEATURED SESSION 1 | 11:15AM - 12:30PM

How to Live at a Sustainable Pace - Carey Nieuwhof

Life has never felt busier, and the demands on people’s time have never been greater. Most leaders struggle with how to get it all done, and everyone pays a price: your organization, your family, and you. In this session, you’ll be shown a proven method that’s helped thousands of leaders get time, energy and priorities working for them, not against them so they can get their life and leadership back.

Love THIS Way - Jacqui Lewis

Chapter 12 of the New Testament book of Romans gives detailed instructions on how to love God, neighbor and self, as Jesus commands. This session will be a deep dive into verses 9-17, with an eye toward fierce neighbor love as the surest evidence of our love for God.

You Can Stay Calm Under Pressure - Mary Gladstone-Highland

This session will equip participants to deal more effectively with the toughest challenges of ministry leadership – to remain physically calm, to think quickly and carefully, and to keep emotions in balance. It includes a simple self-analysis to help you identify and understand your own unique leadership assets and offers techniques for using those assets skillfully. Gain confidence to lead capably and calmly, no matter the situation.

Fresh Expressions: Embodying Compassion-Centered Communities in Everyday Life - Michael Beck

Do you serve an “inherited congregation” – a church with long history, deeply rooted traditions and, typically, a declining presence in the community? Across the U.S., congregations like yours are cultivating “fresh expressions” of church. A fresh expression is a form of church for our changing culture, established primarily for the benefit of those who are not yet part of any church. These forms of church are inclusive, accessible, transfiguring and connectional. This session is a condensed but thorough introduction to the fresh expressions approach. You’ll learn how to lead your congregation toward a commitment to reach new people, in new places and in new ways. You’ll see examples of how, using this approach, revitalization and community transformation are taking place in the unlikeliest settings.


Vision Execution - Olu Brown

This session will be about learning to apply the vision process of discerning, discovering and deploying to realize the God given dreams and visions for your life, church and community. Your dreams and visions are possible.

Becoming a Leader of Influence - Rebeca Chow

In this interactive session, you will learn the essential skills and strategies to become a leader of influence. Discuss the importance of building relationships, creating a vision, and developing communication skills to lead your team and organization from a generational perspective. Additionally, you will gain the tools and knowledge to become an effective and influential leader to create lasting change within your church.

Creating a Culture of Generosity/Generosity for New Generations - Matt Miofsky

Do you see a need in your church, have a creative idea for ministry, or want to move forward with a plan only to run into the problem of funding? While ministry ought to shape our finances, in many churches, finances shape what is possible in ministry. To move forward, we need to learn how to engage new generations of people in conversations about generosity and create a culture of giving in our churches that can accelerate ministry instead of holding it back. This session will provide practical and achievable ideas for approaching generosity in new ways. You’ll see how they work and why they work, and you’ll begin to see how to implement them in your own ministry setting.

BOTH/AND Hospitality: How to Earn the Second, Third and Ongoing Visits for Guests Online and In-Person - Jason Moore

The onset of the global pandemic changed so much of what we’ve known ministry to be inside and outside the church. With so much ministry happening BOTH in the building AND online, how can we earn the second, third, and ongoing visits from those who are new to our faith communities? In a season where everything feels different, how can we claim or reclaim a passion for radical hospitality? This highly practical session will explore what it means to extend BOTH/AND hospitality. You’ll learn how to make great first impressions, from your website (the front door) to your building (the physical door). It will cover best practices on signage, developing hybrid language that includes everyone, learning how to build a relational pathway into your communities and much more.